Refund Policy

1. We can refund before delivery at anytime. If the delivery is partially delivered, we can refund partially based on the delivered quantity over the full quantity. For examper, if you buy 100k gold at $100 and we have delivered 40k, we will refund $100*60/100=$60.

2. If the product has been completed, we can't not refund.

3.Just be patient, refund will be processed immediately. The average waiting time is 10 seconds. Please note that it takes up to 3 days for the refund to show up on your account.

4. If Blizzard takes back the gold, we will refund or resend the gold as long as you provide the 2 screenshots as proof.Send them to our

a.The in-game mail that has the character name on your order.
How to:

b.The notification email that has the quantity on your order and the sender email from Blizzard, and the time of the email.
How to: or use

We suggest you to choose AH buyout for big orders, if you make a big order and change AH to F2F, you should take the risk by yourself.

Put an item in AH at a buyout price what have been taken and tell us the item name via email. We will investigate your case within 48 hours and please don't delete the in-game mail and the email.If there is no problem we will buy the item.